Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Sonogram

On the ceiling of the ultrasound room there were:
52 heavily textured, large tiles on the ceiling,
8 florecent lights (not turned on)
3 dim round lights (turned on)
2 fire sprinkliers,
1 smoke detector, and
1 heating vent

And why would I know this in great detail??? Because apparently in Altus, your spouse can not come in the sonogram room and you are not allowed to see the sonogram screen until the exam is over (about 45 minutes later). So.... I waited and waited and waited as the sono tech did the exam with a stoic face...neither confirming or denying my fears that my baby has three arms, two heads, etc. I obviously had nothing better to do than count the ceiling tiles.

Finally, after 45 minutes, they went and got Nate, and took five minutes to show us the baby's head, arms, and penis.

Yep, you read that correctly. We are having a (third!) BOY!!!! I was RIGHT!!! The good thing is we don't need to buy a thing. We have everything (and then some) for a little boy. I am tired at the thought of three little boys running around here but excited that they will all be close in age and the best of friends (Lord willing!)

We praise God for this little life. He seems to have all the appropriate number of body parts and is becoming very active, just like his brothers.

Thanks for your vote! I know several of you were rooting for a girl. Maybe someday. :)

And a tip to the many Altus mommies going in for their sonogram soon: Bring a book!


Katie said...

You'll certainly have your hands full, that's for sure! Congrats on another boy. Sorry about the u/s, that drove me nuts as well....didn't think to count everything on the ceiling though ;)

Erin said...

Congratulations, friend! You two sure are good at making sweet little boys!

I love you!

Sandy said...

congrats!! i was right on my guess! maybe you guys will have 3 boys and a girl... that'd be great for you guys b/c you wouldn't have to worry about fighting off boyfriends!

The Jen said...

Super congrats!!! He'll have two great best friends and loads of clothes.

Rachel said...

Congrats! Does this mean you guys aren't done...maybe a girl next? What? Someone had to ask.

mama said...
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Ashley Snodgrass said...

Congratulations, you guys! I am so happy for you to have another boy and we will pray for you and his health. Look forward to hearing more of your progress as the months grow closer and finally get to see pictures of him. God Bless you all. In His love, Ashley

Annie Pennington said...

Congratulations on another precious baby boy! I'm seriously SHOCKED at the way they conducted the ultrasound though - 45 minutes in total silence without your hubby!! That's INSANE! So glad you got to see your handsome little man though! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Oh and I recommend getting a girl doggy - you gotta get some estrogen in the mix so you don't feel so outnumbered! :D

mama said...

I loved having three girls in a row! You were my baby ducklings. You'll see how great having three boys will be.


Erin said...

Oh Boy!! Literally :) Congrats-- you make the most precious boys!
Will you be sharing Baby C's name before his arrival??