Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Three Loves

What a bunch of goobers. But I can't get enough of them.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Thanks Abuela!!!

Corban got a special treat in the mail the other day from his "Abuela" in Florida and has been riding it ever since.

Let's rewind 28 the story goes, Nate had a rocking horse when he was Corban's age. He was so excited that he rode it all day. The next day Nate's butt and inner thigh's were so sore, he couldn't walk and his mom had to rub them all day.

Well, for that reason, we didn't let Corban ride all day...

Caleb watched Corban for a few minutes and then looked at me like "What in the *%#*?"

Corban reluctantly lets Caleb ride with him for a minute. Note that Caleb, as usual when left unattented with Corban, looks scared for his life.

And at the end of a long day, the boys are still friends enough to sit for a picture (but no smiles, mom!).

Corban's Party

I was going to buy a cheap Wal-Mart cake. Things have been a little crazy around here and it seemed easiest. But my friend and partner in frugality, Amy, strongly encouraged me to make Corban's cake myself. She brought over books about children's cakes, she offered to help, she promised it was cheaper and fun to do it yourself. So, I committed. All the pictures in the book seemed a little over ambitious for someone who's idea of "making a cake" is adding frosting to a store bought angel food cake. She gave me all the decorations from her son's Race Car themed party, so that was an easy theme to borrow. I looked up some easy cakes on the internet and set out to make the cake. And whaddaya know. It WAS easy, fun, and cheaper....and it tasted better too! Thanks, Amy!!

Corban gives his stamp of approval.

So, now I feel all domesticated. Corban had fun and still talks about all his friends coming over for the Par-tay. He won't leave his new toys alone for a second and cries a heartbroken cry when it is time for bed.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Where Have The Past Two Years Gone?

Happy Birthday, my sweet Corban! You are such a joy to your Mamma and Daddy! You are such a fun spirited boy, full of life and joy. You bring a smile to everyone's face. You have such a fun personality already and such a tender heart. Thank you for all the laughter and love that you bring into our home. You are our first born and our first blessing. Our prayer for you is that you will come to know the Lord at an early age. We love you so so so much and praise God for your precious life!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Weekend of Disappointment

What a bummer of a weekend. We were all excited to head to the Jackson County Fair that advertised Fun, Food, a petting zoo, and so much more. In the spirit of trying to take in all that Altus has to offer (or not) we also decided to enter Caleb in the Beautiful Baby Contest.

Disappointment number one: If by "food" they mean a tiny booth selling rice crispy treats and bags of chips, etc., then they should have made that clear. I mean COME ON, I KNOW I'm not the ONLY one who thinks the words "Fair food" equal "Fried food." There was not a single item of fried food on the menu.

Second disappointment: The fair was the size of a barn. I mean, I have literally been to bigger, more exciting barn parties than this "Fair".

Third disappointment: The "Petting zoo" consisted of a few prize winning chickens, a couple of ponies, a sheep, and calf. Corban was bored after three minutes.

And the Fourth and Biggest Disappointment...

Caleb didn't win the Beautiful Baby fact he didn't even place. Now, I know that every mother thinks that *her* baby is the cutest, but let's just say that I think Oklahoman's have a different definition of "beautiful" than the rest of the world. We were in the fourth division and I knew by the winners in the divisions before us that Caleb wouldn't win. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

So all the work of clipping his fingernails every night this past week so he wouldn't scratch up his face and making sure he stayed awake and happy all morning during the contest (a nearly impossible feat) were a waste. I will never get those hours back.

Now how can you tell me this baby isn't cute enough for the top 3 baby boys ages 6-12 months? You can't.

It's good to know that Nate and I are going home this week for the Kansas State Fair where there will be lots of yummy fried food, a quality petting zoo, and lots of family and friends to dote on Caleb and tell me he's cute.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our Labor Day

We got to "get out of Dodge" for the Labor Day weekend to Oklahoma City which was a treat. Hurrican Gustav threatened to send Nate to the coast to help evacuate people, but thankfully, Nate never got "the call." Frontier City, a small amusement park, lets military people in for fifty cents on Mondays. So for $1.oo, (the babies were free) our family got to have loads of fun riding all the baby rides for several hours. Well...$1.00 plus $7.00 for parking...(I just don't get the concept of paying for parking. To me it's like paying to breathe. But that's just me.)

Anyway, we had fun at the pool at the pool at the hotel, eating at Johnny Carino's (YUM!) and dessert at The Cheesecake Factory (again, YUM!) and shopping at stores we miss like Target, Big Lots, Hobby Lobby, a health food store, and Best Buy.

My camera ran out of batteries, so we don't have many pics, but here are a couple.

Swimming Lessons with Daddy.
Singing Bears
Caleb completley enamored with the freaky singing bears.


I was lying in bed last night typing on my computer, listening to the GOP on TV when I see something scurry past. I said "What the heck?" and looked down to make eye contact with A MOUSE!! YUCK!!!! So, after screaming so loud that Nate thought for sure I was being murdered, I refused to get out of bed for hours knowing there is a mouse loose in the house. I can not emphasize enough how NOT COOL this is! I am so grossed out.
So I spend the day cleaning so there is nothing to tempt rodents to come into our house. We live right by a field so it's a possibility that this could be a reoccuring thing. I don't know how mice get on the second story of a house. Do they climb? Jump stairs? Who knows. i just know I still get the heeby jeebies when I think of it. And I'm even more paranoid than usual.