Monday, April 20, 2009

Two Weeks To Go!!

Two weeks to go!!!

...Or less, but shhhh....we are not hoping for that. (Babies are much easier to care for when they are contained...;) Our calendar has something on it every single day until the Big Day, which is scheduled for Monday, May 4th.

We are so relieved to have Nate's sweet Mama coming out on the 30th from Florida to help out with our bambinos while I am recovering.

This week I am dedicating my life to a Children's Consignment Sale in Lawton. If you volunteer three hours or more you get to shop before it opens to the public. My only motivation is the hope of finding some outdoor toys for my boys (i.e. plastic playhouse, picnic table, basketball goal, climbing cube, slide, etc.) Now that we have a dog and are attempting a garden, we need something for our boys to play with outdoors. And holy cow, new outdoor toys are ridiculously the point where Nate again declares that we are in the wrong business. I mean seriously, how Fisher Price and Little Tikes can charge hundreds of dollars for a few pieces of neon plastic that fade in the sun within months is just pure robbery. But I digress. So, think of me volunteering my 9 month preggo self on Thursday all for (Lord-willing) a few long sought after outdoor toys.

Next week we are heading to Oklahoma City for a couple of days for some doctor appts. for the boys. This will be my last chance for some shopping in civilization before Canaan's arrival. Target and Babies R Us, here we come!

We have been incredibly blessed by those around us lately, and feel like we have some sense of a support system here now, which is a huge blessing. Nesting has begun in full force and I am literally working my tail off sun up to sun down trying to get our house in order to run smoothly for at least two months post baby. There are many more projects to do, but the essentials are done.
Please pray for us these next couple of weeks, if we come to mind. There are so many unknowns and details to work out. Being an hour away from the hospital brings extra work and planning, and I have been having a lot of anxiety. I am getting so excited for the snuggly newborn stage though and can't wait to meet the newest Tolle. We'll keep you posted...

Scoot N' Skate

Our town has this new activity for toddlers called "Scoot N' Skate" where they can bring a ride on toy and have free reign of the local skating rink. And boy do my kids love it. Worth every penny.

And yes, Corban is wearing big boy skates. Where does the time go, I wonder. Thankfully, the wheels were so tight that he pretty much just walked in them.

Easter Sunday

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sunday Mornings

Our family drives an hour to church each week (because it's the only reformed church in a bazillion mile radius, but that's another story) and after the hour drive (which our kids are perfect for) they have all this energy to burn. So we try to arrive 20-30 minutes early so they can burn some of their all boy energy before being expected to sit still and quiet in the sancturary for two hours (a feat we have yet to accomplish, but again, that's another story.)

So here are our cherubs this past's funny because there are some toys in this nursery that have dates on them circa brings Nate and I back to the good ol' days every Sunday morning. Caleb has been trying to conquer the slide on his own for the past several months and has finally accomplished it, much to his jubilation. Can you believe this little man will be a brother in 4 weeks or less??

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Carnival Craziness...

We had a carnival come to town this weekend. That's a really smart move on the part of the carnival company...bringing something to do to a town with nothing...I'm sure they made a killing off of all of us. Not that anything that sets up over twenty rides in half a day is extremely safe or reliable, but what can I say, the Tolle's were desperate. :)

Corban had an absolute blast. He rode his first little roller coaster...all by himself! After about six times around I asked the carnie to stop it because Corban was looking a little green and scared. When he got off I asked him if he was a little scared and he said, "No, no mommy, I NOT scared!! I go on da roarer coasta again!!" What a big boy.

Caleb was over stimulated from the start and couldn't even handle the merry-go-round, which seems to be right in line with his cantankerous personality. But I still love him to itty-bitty pieces.

Caleb did however, enjoy his first funnel cake. He literally gobbled half of it down and the rest of us split the other half.

All in all a fun time!