Sunday, April 5, 2009

Carnival Craziness...

We had a carnival come to town this weekend. That's a really smart move on the part of the carnival company...bringing something to do to a town with nothing...I'm sure they made a killing off of all of us. Not that anything that sets up over twenty rides in half a day is extremely safe or reliable, but what can I say, the Tolle's were desperate. :)

Corban had an absolute blast. He rode his first little roller coaster...all by himself! After about six times around I asked the carnie to stop it because Corban was looking a little green and scared. When he got off I asked him if he was a little scared and he said, "No, no mommy, I NOT scared!! I go on da roarer coasta again!!" What a big boy.

Caleb was over stimulated from the start and couldn't even handle the merry-go-round, which seems to be right in line with his cantankerous personality. But I still love him to itty-bitty pieces.

Caleb did however, enjoy his first funnel cake. He literally gobbled half of it down and the rest of us split the other half.

All in all a fun time!

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coletta said...

those boys are sooooooo cute!! thanks for the new photos of their recent adventures.
ps plus it was nice to see in your new shirt--looks good. glad it works out ok cause you probably don't have Burlington nearby. got one for Carina too. take good care of yourself, it's your last mo.