Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's Time To Grow Up!

I think Caleb just woke up this morning and decided this was the day he was going to start walking. Prior to today, he has taken one or two steps here and there...and then last week he took about eight for my friend Amy, and since then he has been on a walking strike. Nothing for over a week, not even a step or two.

Then all of the sudden this morning he decides it's time to walk. I just happened to be recording a video of the boys and then he just took off. Here is the video we were recording right before the magic happened (Nate doing some exercises with the boys):

And here is Caleb twenty seconds later.

And ever since he's been trying all day to walk. He can even get himself to the standing position from the ground without holding on to a table or shelf or anything.

My baby is growing up!

Also, I think Corban decided that it was time to be potty-trained. I hadn't decided if I really wanted to undergo the challenge of potty training him before the baby came or not. Honestly, sometimes it is just easier to change a diaper, but Corban suddenly has the desire and the skill to be potty trained. We have a while to go, but he is definitely catching on and is a self starter.

He has a sticker chart and everytime he fills up a line with stickers, he gets a special treat (usually in the form of sugar.) He is very motivated by stickers apparently as he takes off his pants several times a day and wants to go potty. Here's a video from his first day on the potty. He apparently caught on fast that potty time can double as reading time.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I Flew Daddy's Airplane Mommy!!

I coordinate the Base Playgroup every Friday here. It's one of the few regular things that we have to look forward to each week that gets us out of the house and gives me a chance to talk with other grown up people. But the hardest thing about planning Playgroups are coming up with locations in a small town, without wearing them into the ground. Let's see, there's the two decent parks in town (weather permitting), McDonald's Playland (but by Friday most people have been there like twice already that week), the Base Gym where the kids can run and throw balls, and the Gymnastics Academy who graciously lets us use there building a couple times a month. So any ideas that are new and different are always welcome.

One of my friends recently asked if there was any way that Nate could arrange it to let her son see one of the airplanes "up close.", since her husband works in the legal office and doesn't have access to the planes. I thought it was worth a shot and maybe Corban could come too since he has never really seen his daddy's plane either. All of the sudden, it was a light bulb moment for me. A new playgroup location was born.

Sooooo.... This really cute stud arranged it so the playgroup could take a tour of the KC-135 yesterday. UnfortuNATEly, that handsome pilot was not able to be there for the event due to a last minute scheduling conflict. Everyone had a blast though. A bus came to pick us up and drive us out to the plane (and for 90% of the kids, I think the bus ride was 90% of the fun!) Corban absolutely loved it and was so excited that he got to sit in the pilot's seat and "fly da airpane."

Corban and his friends got full control over the cockpit. I really really hope they didn't mess anything up too bad, because they were sure pushing a lot of buttons. There are safety checks before they take off, right??
Corban talked all day about how the tires were bigger than him.

Corban and friends checking out the "boom pad" aka where the boom operator moves the doo-hickey into the other plane and passes gas (I know, technical speak!)

Corban, Eliana, and Autumn in their flight suits. Notice Corban's snowboots in the 70 degree weather. He wouldn't leave the house without some "flight boots like daddy's." I had to improvise. I'm surprised he didn't throw a fit when Eliana got to wear an actual flight cap.

The whole gang, minus Corban, who snuck off BY HIMSELF back onto the bus and was waiting for everyone. He gave me a heart attack when I couldn't find'd think the bus driver would have noticed a two year old boy getting on the bus all alone. Oh well, I'm just sooo happy he wasn't lost on the flight line, in the plane or run over by the bus.

It was a fun morning, but wore me out! All three of us took long naps that afternoon. And Corban is STILL talking about how he flew Daddy's airplane. And the big tires. And the bus.

15 Minutes Of Peace and Quiet. And then...

On nights that Nate is home, he always blesses me by giving the boys a bath and giving me 15-20 minutes of peace and quiet all to my own self.

When that small time allotment is done, I hear a chorus of boys yelling for "Mama!!" signal it's time to come help with the bedtime routine.

Just for fun, I taped this nightly tradition. I absolutely love Caleb's expression in this video.

I love love love love love my boys!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Caleb!!

Caleb Asher joined our family a year ago today. It's been a long year and usually when kids turn one I think "Wow, it seems like s/he was born yesterday" but honestly it feels like he should be one already. It seems that he has just always been with us, I hardly remember life without the both of them.

The only thing that throws me off is his size. Corban was a giant at one year old and Caleb- well most people in the store guess that he is about eight or nine months. He's a tiny little man, but lately he has been packing on the pounds, much to my relief.

With Corban's first birthday, we had the whole big birthday bash...rented a moonwalk, had a BBQ and had way too many people over for the festivities. But when it came down to it, the party was for us, not for him.

With Caleb, we skipped all the pomp and circumstance formalities and kept it on the extremely simple side. Do I feel guilty??? A little bit...but he doesn't know the difference right? He got a exactly two small presents (both which Corban claimed as "mine" instantly) and some chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles.

And he loved it.

So did Corban.

Caleb is just one of the best babies ever. He is such a blessing to us. He's just a totally different kid than Corban is and was at this age, and we are thankful for the uniqueness of both of them. Caleb thinks he's big and keeps up well with the big kids (Corban and his friends). He has his mama's temper and already the boys literally fight each other for toys. And Caleb can hold his own. This next video is of extremely poor quality and will probably be of no interest to anyone other than the grandparents (fair warning!) but it definitley shows that Caleb is able to defend himself when necessary. (Ignore the fact that I laugh when Caleb smacks Corban...I really don't encourage violence and selfishness in this house...)

I love this little boy and am so thankful for one precious year with him. And pray for many many many more.