Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Caleb!!

Caleb Asher joined our family a year ago today. It's been a long year and usually when kids turn one I think "Wow, it seems like s/he was born yesterday" but honestly it feels like he should be one already. It seems that he has just always been with us, I hardly remember life without the both of them.

The only thing that throws me off is his size. Corban was a giant at one year old and Caleb- well most people in the store guess that he is about eight or nine months. He's a tiny little man, but lately he has been packing on the pounds, much to my relief.

With Corban's first birthday, we had the whole big birthday bash...rented a moonwalk, had a BBQ and had way too many people over for the festivities. But when it came down to it, the party was for us, not for him.

With Caleb, we skipped all the pomp and circumstance formalities and kept it on the extremely simple side. Do I feel guilty??? A little bit...but he doesn't know the difference right? He got a exactly two small presents (both which Corban claimed as "mine" instantly) and some chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles.

And he loved it.

So did Corban.

Caleb is just one of the best babies ever. He is such a blessing to us. He's just a totally different kid than Corban is and was at this age, and we are thankful for the uniqueness of both of them. Caleb thinks he's big and keeps up well with the big kids (Corban and his friends). He has his mama's temper and already the boys literally fight each other for toys. And Caleb can hold his own. This next video is of extremely poor quality and will probably be of no interest to anyone other than the grandparents (fair warning!) but it definitley shows that Caleb is able to defend himself when necessary. (Ignore the fact that I laugh when Caleb smacks Corban...I really don't encourage violence and selfishness in this house...)

I love this little boy and am so thankful for one precious year with him. And pray for many many many more.


Amy said...

Happy Birthday to K-wuv! We love you, little man! Love, the Thomases

Erin said...

Well, I watched the video and loved every moment of it! (I miss the sound of you voice!)I laughed out loud when he bonked Corban on the head with the train!

Happy Birthday Caleb - and hugs and kisses for BOTH boys!

Sandy said...

Both your boys are adorable and growing up so fast! That video is hilarious!

Happy Birthday Caleb!

Erin said...

He is such a beautiful baby! And tough too, to stand up to some rough tickling ;)

Christine said...

I loved the video! I love watching your boys interact with each other. :)

Grandpa+Letta said...

Grandparents' Delight. Love the video.