Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Unintentional Blogging Hiatus

So I haven't blogged much this month. Although I can't think of any super stellar reasons why not, here are a couple of reasons:

a) I don't want to be one of "those" blogs that document every single breath my boys take and expect the rest of the world to be as excited as I am. (i.e. Documenting every step of Caleb's transition from formula to cow's milk, daily progress on walking, every knew phrase Corban know what I mean. And those in blog world know what kind of blog I am talking about :) But I admit, that's pretty much what I would have been posting if I had blogged. My life is just not that interesting on the computer screen (though I love it!!).

I love these matching jackets!!

b) I had some computer issues for about a week and a half which is my biggest reason.

But since I haven't blogged in about 21 days, here are 21 highlights from the past few weeks.

1) Nate turned 30 (a.k.a. "OLD!", but of course when I turn 30 in December, the new definition of "OLD" will be 40. :)

2) Such a monumental occasion required a trip out of Altus. So we went to Kansas for a four day weekend.

3) Nate and I got to go to the Cosmosphere by ourselves and actually had time to read the markers in the Hall of Space Museum without having to change a diaper, find a snack, or wipe a nose. (Thanks Grammy!!)

4) We also got to go out to dinner and to a club to watch the game by ourselves, which was also a treat. Nate picked a new (to us) restaurant, Savutes Italian Ristorante and the Stick and Rudder Club. The food was EXCELLENT. And the company couldn't be beat. (Thanks Grampa and Letta for watching the boys!)

5) My friend Amy and I learned how to make homemade tortillas from my friend Jen and am now convinced that's the only way to have a tortilla. And Nate completley agrees, so we are looking for a tortilla press on Ebay.

6) I took a sewing class from my friend Jen (same gal who taught me to make tortillas...what a gal!) and learned to sew a zipper on. And made two pillows in the process. :)

7) Switched my OB/GYN care to Lawton (wahoo!), though now I have to drive an hour for my visits, bloodwork, etc. But worth the relief. I'd talked to three girls who all had c-sections in Altus and none of them had a good experience or is healing right...NO THANK YOU!

8) Had not one, but TWO, snow days. Which is funny because the total accumulation was 1/4 of an inch. Never would Wichita have closed schools for this much snow/ice, but alas, we get TWO days off for it, and I'm not complaining!

9) I fell down the stairs and was out of commission for a full day (and am STILL sore, darn rotator cuff and tailbone!) but the baby seems fine.

10) Corban's vocabulary grows by leaps and bounds every day. As do his strong opinions and bossiness. ("No, daddy, you not change my big bad poopies...Mommy do it!!" Um, yeah...I'm sure Nate had NOTHING to do with Corban deciding that only I can change him. :/)

11) Caleb, at one week shy of one year, can say "Mama", "More", "Milk", "Uh oh", "Woof, Woof" "Bup up up" (as in an airplane goes up up up), and roar like a lion (which I will try to get on's the cutest thing). Pure genius, I tell you! Here is a short video of him "woofing" like a dog if you listen closely.

12) Made homemade granola, aka "my new favorite cereal."

13) Made homemade Cranberry Orange bread.

14) Made homemade Hot Cranberry Citrus drink, or "Hot Juice" as Corban calls it.

15) Spent a lot of wasted time being uncontent and then realized how much energy it steals from me and recommitted to being joyful in all things.

16) Working on my goals. It's almost time for a review!

17) Started reading my Chronological Bible that Janet gave me (thanks, Janet!!) and am loving it!

18) Trying to convince Corban that big boys go potty in the toilet, but not getting very far.

19) Researching a new washer and dryer to purchase in the next month or two.

20) Trying to think of a middle name for Canaan.

21) I got flowers from Nate "just because." I love that man!


Aprilina said...

Savute's! That's where I go nearly every year for my birthday. They give you a spumoni ice cream with a flaming sugar cube on top. It's my favorite!! Oh, and that's where I spent my first new year's eve (at 3 months) as well. As a little girl I always loved sitting in the airplane seats, munching on popcorn, and drinking a coke that had cherries stuck on a sword in it. :)

Anonymous said...

I love you guys! You can write about the boys' accomplishments and new words anytime. Grammy can't get enough.

Making tortillas? My/your ancestors would be proud! However, they would say, "You don't need no stinkin' tortilla press!"

Katrina said...

I made that cranberry bread but with pistachios for the teachers for christmas, it was so yummy! and I'm totally making the granola because I love it and it's expensive.

Amy said...

Yeah! I'll never leave a post "un-commented" again. You make me smile, and I'm glad we are on this adventure together.

Shiahna said...

Audrey Canaan is an awesome name! Way to go, man. Let us all know when you decide on the middle name, okay? I am very curious.
Take Care:)

Rachel said...

Zippers are hard to sew! Way to go! Mine always end up looking crooked and weird.

And, I'd read a post about your kiddo's new words and baby steps any day! They are adorable.

Christine said...

I love those pillows you sewed!

Rena said...

Love reading all the updates on you and the family! The videos are great!