Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's Time To Grow Up!

I think Caleb just woke up this morning and decided this was the day he was going to start walking. Prior to today, he has taken one or two steps here and there...and then last week he took about eight for my friend Amy, and since then he has been on a walking strike. Nothing for over a week, not even a step or two.

Then all of the sudden this morning he decides it's time to walk. I just happened to be recording a video of the boys and then he just took off. Here is the video we were recording right before the magic happened (Nate doing some exercises with the boys):

And here is Caleb twenty seconds later.

And ever since he's been trying all day to walk. He can even get himself to the standing position from the ground without holding on to a table or shelf or anything.

My baby is growing up!

Also, I think Corban decided that it was time to be potty-trained. I hadn't decided if I really wanted to undergo the challenge of potty training him before the baby came or not. Honestly, sometimes it is just easier to change a diaper, but Corban suddenly has the desire and the skill to be potty trained. We have a while to go, but he is definitely catching on and is a self starter.

He has a sticker chart and everytime he fills up a line with stickers, he gets a special treat (usually in the form of sugar.) He is very motivated by stickers apparently as he takes off his pants several times a day and wants to go potty. Here's a video from his first day on the potty. He apparently caught on fast that potty time can double as reading time.


Mamasita said...

I love my grandboys! They're growing up too fast!Please keep sending more videos! And the more, the better! Everything they do and say is so cute!

Sandy said...

That video of Corban is hilarious! It's hard to believe how much they've grown since we've left Altus, which was what...5 mos ago? They are adorable!!

Christine said...

What big boys you have! :) I love them and miss them! This is so precious.

Amy said...

Go, Caleb, GO!! I'm not commenting on the potty performance; I'm too jealous ;)

Erin said...

Yay, Caleb! I can't believe he's walking - in my head he's, like, six months old! And Corban's gonna love it when you show that potty chair clip at his rehearsal dinner 20 years from now ;-)

Rachel said...

Good luck on the potty! I'm with you in spirit. And go Caleb!!!

The Jen said...

That walking video is absolutely adorable. Good luck with the potty training. Buy clorox wipes at SAM's.