Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sunday Mornings

Our family drives an hour to church each week (because it's the only reformed church in a bazillion mile radius, but that's another story) and after the hour drive (which our kids are perfect for) they have all this energy to burn. So we try to arrive 20-30 minutes early so they can burn some of their all boy energy before being expected to sit still and quiet in the sancturary for two hours (a feat we have yet to accomplish, but again, that's another story.)

So here are our cherubs this past Sunday...it's funny because there are some toys in this nursery that have dates on them circa 1963-1985...it brings Nate and I back to the good ol' days every Sunday morning. Caleb has been trying to conquer the slide on his own for the past several months and has finally accomplished it, much to his jubilation. Can you believe this little man will be a brother in 4 weeks or less??



Erin said...

Go, Caleb, go!

Sandy said...

I can't believe how big they've gotten! Caleb will make a great big brother!

Grandpa said...

I can`t believe how big they`re getting! Corban looks so tall.

Rachel said...

Way to go, Caleb! He wanted to master it in time to teach his new little brother!