Monday, September 22, 2008

Thanks Abuela!!!

Corban got a special treat in the mail the other day from his "Abuela" in Florida and has been riding it ever since.

Let's rewind 28 the story goes, Nate had a rocking horse when he was Corban's age. He was so excited that he rode it all day. The next day Nate's butt and inner thigh's were so sore, he couldn't walk and his mom had to rub them all day.

Well, for that reason, we didn't let Corban ride all day...

Caleb watched Corban for a few minutes and then looked at me like "What in the *%#*?"

Corban reluctantly lets Caleb ride with him for a minute. Note that Caleb, as usual when left unattented with Corban, looks scared for his life.

And at the end of a long day, the boys are still friends enough to sit for a picture (but no smiles, mom!).


Daphne said...

Hi Sweet one,

I hope you're willing to live with this horsie for a LONG time. We bought one for Gabrielle when she was 3. She promptly named it Sam, and we STILL have Sam. We also have a living, breathing, pooping, expensive real horse, but we still have Sam. That's ok; I'm sure that if I have to find a new home for Sam after Gabe leaves home, I'll do it with tears in my eyes. These beautiful babies grow up way too fast, so enjoy the long days and short years!

Erin said...

Love those sweet boys!

Coletta said...

"Letta" and Grampa miss these two boys. Thanks for sharing the cute pictures. I especially enjoyed seeing them in their matching outfits we got them.
ps what color is Caleb's hair now? corban still like his books?