Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I was lying in bed last night typing on my computer, listening to the GOP on TV when I see something scurry past. I said "What the heck?" and looked down to make eye contact with A MOUSE!! YUCK!!!! So, after screaming so loud that Nate thought for sure I was being murdered, I refused to get out of bed for hours knowing there is a mouse loose in the house. I can not emphasize enough how NOT COOL this is! I am so grossed out.
So I spend the day cleaning so there is nothing to tempt rodents to come into our house. We live right by a field so it's a possibility that this could be a reoccuring thing. I don't know how mice get on the second story of a house. Do they climb? Jump stairs? Who knows. i just know I still get the heeby jeebies when I think of it. And I'm even more paranoid than usual.


Mama said...

I deleted the comment I was going to send about the connection between the mouse and the GOP convention. I love you! I'm ever so proud of how Nate serves his country.

Your loving mamasita

Trey and Mel's Piece of the Net! said...

Well that is quite a coincidence, we had a critter incident too. Maybe we could send the 5 foot snake that Trey found at our back door up to take care of your mouse! I was relieved that it wasn't a tarantula though, that would be the worst!