Monday, September 22, 2008

Corban's Party

I was going to buy a cheap Wal-Mart cake. Things have been a little crazy around here and it seemed easiest. But my friend and partner in frugality, Amy, strongly encouraged me to make Corban's cake myself. She brought over books about children's cakes, she offered to help, she promised it was cheaper and fun to do it yourself. So, I committed. All the pictures in the book seemed a little over ambitious for someone who's idea of "making a cake" is adding frosting to a store bought angel food cake. She gave me all the decorations from her son's Race Car themed party, so that was an easy theme to borrow. I looked up some easy cakes on the internet and set out to make the cake. And whaddaya know. It WAS easy, fun, and cheaper....and it tasted better too! Thanks, Amy!!

Corban gives his stamp of approval.

So, now I feel all domesticated. Corban had fun and still talks about all his friends coming over for the Par-tay. He won't leave his new toys alone for a second and cries a heartbroken cry when it is time for bed.

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Amy said...

Cutest cake ever! Eeeyanna is still talking about the party too (AND the cake AND the butterfly cookies). I just think it's super cool to be famously mentioned in your blog :)