Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas in Oklahoma

We've been keeping pretty busy lately with all that Altus has to offer. Any other time, I would use the phrase "all that Altus has to offer" pretty tongue in cheek, but apparently, Altus likes Christmas time, because we've been busy having lots of family fun.

First it was Nate's work Christmas Party. My dad and Coletta came to town to watch the boys so Nate and I could go. We reserved them back in late September for the weekend because apparently, the three baby-sitters in town book way in advance.

Five minutes before Nate and I are heading out the door, Nate tells me I need to pack an overnight bag because he booked a room for us at the "resort" where the party was being held. (I use quotes, because I question a place that has Cowboy/Southwestern themed decor as being a resort. But that's just me.) As sweet as this thought was, a mama needs more than five minutes notice that she is going to be away from her precious baby for the first time for a WHOLE NIGHT (at least this mama does!). Luckily, Nate got me out the door with bag in hand, and Dad and Coletta seemed more than capable of taking care of our little buddies.

This was the view from our room. Not exactly Colorado Springs, but not the flatlands of Kansas either. We had a good time. Santa even visited the Christmas party and had a special present for Nate. Santa told Nate that he is having to cut back on making toys due to the economical situation of the world and at this rate Nate and I are "making babies faster than he and his elves can make toys" and so Santa gave Nate a pack of Neon condoms for Christmas. Thanks, Santa.

Then we had the Altus Christmas Parade which the boys thought was a blast.

Next, Altus has this event called "Christmas In the Park" where the city park is literally all lit up with Christmas lights. Imagine the Griswald's house in "Christmas Vacation" and then apply that to the entire park and you'll get the picture. The park has a free train ride, which has occupied our evenings many times this past month.

Then there was the children's Christmas party at Nate's work. Corban got to talk to Santa and tell him "I love trains." Corban tells us all the time..."I love you, mommy. I love you daddy. I love trains." Overall, Corban is pretty much unimpressed with the Santa concept, which is more than ok with us.

Corban got to decorate his own cookie and get his face painted. Does life get better?

And finally, Altus does this event called "Candy Cane Cash" where you earn tickets by shopping at local merchants over a months time and then there is a drawing for $10,000 cash plus $2,500 in other prizes in the city square. Today was the drawing. When we got out of the van, it was 79 degrees. Within a half hour, the cold front ("Arctic Blast" as the news calls it...) came through and it literally dropped 35 degrees in a half hours time. We got too cold to wait in the city square and so we waited in the van and listened by radio.

Unfortunately, I was not a winner.

So, that's what's been keeping us busy lately. It's been a fun month for some family memories.


coletta said...

Your temp. there sounds great; here it's like 10 and dropping with vicious winds and worse where Grandma Marilyn is, about 0. sooooo enjoy that cozy fire.
Hey, we really enjoyed our visit there. Talk about cute grandsons!
Great picture at the parade. You will post pictures from Christmas, I know you'll like the outfits.
love, dad & Coletta, otherwise known as the BABYSITTERS

Christine said...

Oh my word, if we had a park with FREE TRAIN RIDES, I can't imagine ever doing anything else in our free time! Micah constantly talks about choo choos. What a sweet husband you have! Every couple should take a night out now and then. Your family looks great! Love you and miss you!