Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Morning Part 1

Well, hooray for me, I finally jumped into the 21st century and figured out how to post videos on here. Now you get to see even more of what really goes on in the Tolle house. And you'll probably get sick of our videos from here on out. Here are a couple of videos from Christmas morning.

This first one is after we opened the stockings and Corban got a train in his. The boys were entertained for an hour with their stocking stuffers and so we decided to eat breakfast before diving into the presents.

This second video is of Corban after he discovered what was supposed to be the "Grand Finale Gift". Unfortunatley, he found it right after breakfast. Getting him to open any other presents was a huge, all morning chore.

We had a great Christmas. Every second of the day was memorable and enjoyable. Why can't I put on that great of an attitude year round?

Hope you all had a great day as well.


Mamasita said...

Please put on as many videos as you can. Believe me, I won't get tired of hearing his cute little voice. "Caleb is 'done' with the train." How cute! Love you guys. Happy anniversary!


Christine said...

Ah, ours was the year of the choo choo as well. I wish I was better at putting tracks together. :)