Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Picture Potpourri

This picture is the first time both kids were in the "car" cart. Now that Caleb can sit up well, it makes shopping SO MUCH EASIER and I didn't get any dirty looks from people! (Remind me not to tell you the story about a time Corban was kicking over all the cans off the shelf meanwhile Caleb got his foot stuck tight in the cart metal things and I got a look from this lady that clearly said "You shouldn't be allowed to have any more children and the ones you have should be taken away" and I looked at her and said "Don't give me that look!" and then was SO EMBARASSED that my thoughts came out of my mouth and then I had to face her in every aisle after that!! Ok, I just shared my mortifiying commissary story, SORRY!) Anyway, this shopping trip was a dream in comparison and made me feel like I can shop again, without losing my mind. Aren't they so cute?? I know, I know, I'm extremely biased.
Corban's new pool that he just couldn't wait 10 seconds to take his clothes off before jumping in. Oh and notice our new beautiful fence in the background compliments of home owner's insurance!
Whoever invented the baby exersaucer is deservingly a rich (wo)man and a pure genius. It's the only way I get a break from holding this precious cherub all day.
Corban and Daddy feeding the ducks. Corban looked back and said "Ducky, quack qwak Mommy! Un (one) ooo (two) free (three)" (He's four off, but hey he's not even two yet!)
Yeah, I dress them alike when ever possible. This is probably the closet thing to twins I'll ever have.


Erin said...

Oh my goodness, I just want to squeeze those adorable boys!
So cute, and I can't believe that Caleb is sitting up like a big boy!

Julia said...

I can't wait to squeeze those babies again. So sorry you're having such a bad week..been praying that Corbie with feel better soon. And that you can get some sleep. I love ya Audge, you're a great mommy/wife/sister!