Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our First Rodeo

I'm a Kansas girl, so it's not like I've never had the opportunity to go to a rodeo. It just never really crossed my mind as something to do. But here, it is THE (only) thing to do. So...we loaded up the kids and went to the Great Stampede Rodeo.

Only in a small town would they jumpstart the rodeo weekend with a cattle drive through the Air Force Base. There are historic Chisholm Trail roots on the base. There was definitley evidence of their journey through the base for the rest of the day. Let's just say that they didn't follow up with the street cleaner that always ended the parade in my hometown.
Corban in his Dollar Tree cowboy hat. :)
Corban loved his front row seat, but jumped every time the cattle and horses went swooshing by. Corbie on a pony ride. After he went around once by himself, they decided I probably better walk beside him. So I went around and around for seven minutes stepping in horse pooh over and over again in my flip-flops. The worker shouted at me from the gate and said "Flip-flops at a rodeo? That's the dumbest thing I've ever seen!!" So of course I was embarrassed and annoyed that I hadn't thought through proper rodeo attire before hand.

Caleb had a pretty good time too.

Overall, it was an ok way to spend the evening. There was a free chuck wagon dinner before hand with ticket purchase for Military night, so overall it was worth the moolah. Now we can offically say that we've been to the rodeo. We're starting to like some of the things that small towns do have to offer instead of focusing on all the things they don't.


Anonymous said...

Hi, baby girl!
We never took you to a rodeo because as a kid, I was taken to A LOT of them, and thought that it was kind of abusive to the animals. I know, call me a crybaby.

I'm glad Corbie had a good time!


Sis said...

I agree with Mama! I always felt the circus was cruel too and had a hard time enjoying it. It surprises me that we aren't vegetarians.