Saturday, August 23, 2008

Long Time, No Blog

I know things have been a bit silent here for the past couple of weeks, but things have been really super duper busy. As we are getting more settled in Altus, our calendar is getting fuller and busier. But here is a quick recap of the past couple of weeks.

First off, I have started another blog for people here in Altus to know about community events, etc. It is just starting to take off, but has been pretty time consuming the past week or two.

Second of all, Corban started "school" this past week. He goes two full days a week to a Mother's Day Out Program. Since we plan on homeschooling, this is probably the closest thing to "school" he'll experience for awhile. So far he seems to love it. From day one, he runs into the room and doesn't even look back at me. He feels like a big boy because he takes a lunch and backpack to school.

However the term "Mother's Day Out" is sooooo deceiving. It gives the vibe that I'm out drinking lattes and eating Bon Bons and then relaxing in the spa all afternoon. In reality, I still have Caleb who is very very needy and I'm STILL trying to unpack and get the house in order. This week my friend Amy and I priced garage sale stuff almost the whole day. Oh and I got a load or two of laundry done. I know, I know...riveting really.

Corban on his first day of "school."
Caleb and his playdate, Evan.

Third, we had a garage sale today and got rid of a ton of junk, so now we can breathe a little better in our home. We coupled up with some friends and it turned out great, except for the extreme heat and humidity.

And finally, we are getting to know several families with kids and have had lots of fun play dates and outings. (By "outings" I mean going to McDonald's multiple times per week and letting the kids play on the Playland because that's literally one of the ONLY things to do.)

Overall, life is good. We have found a church about an hour away that we plan on becoming members at shortly. Nate is getting settled into the new job. All appliances and veheicles are currently functioning. We can't really help but feel blessed right now.

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Erin said...

See Audrey? I told you you'd make friends :)
And I'm so jealous of your McDonald's playdates. Do you know that there is not one restaurant with a playplace in the whole town of Mountain Home!?!
The boys keep getting cuter & mommy keeps getting thinner!