Sunday, July 13, 2008


So, I didn't get everything on my "To Do" List done. It seems I was a little over ambitious, as always. I did however get a few things done...

1) I got my hair cut. (Ignore the fact that I have no make-up in the picture...I wasn't really planning on going anywhere that day)

It didn't turn out as good as I'd hoped, but with my crazy hair, I should have expected that. But Nate likes it, so that makes it worth it. At least I can't just pull it back in a pony tail anymore. It requires a little more work now.

2) I went to that garage sale that advertised a lot of toddler toys. However, I didn't end up buying any of them. I did however find a great deal on one of those scrapbook supply suitcase bag thingys. I've wanted one of those forever but they cost about $70-$100 new. I got this one, loaded with scrapbooking supplies, for $10.00. So I was happy!!

3) I did get the mound of clothes cleaned from the boys room and just decided to clean the whole room while I was at it. I'm embarrassed to post a "before" picture, lest you think we usually live this disorganized and chaotic (we don't), but I'm gonna go ahead and do it so you can see the progess.


After...(still have some progress to make, but feeling a lot better about least you can see the floor now!)

4) Got the bedding on our bed (again, ignore the boxes surrounding it...)

And still had time to bond with the boys.

It was a good weekend.


Erin said...

Cute hair! I wish you could lend me some of your hair is so fine it always looks plastered to my head.
I'd say it was a productive day!

Annie (laughterqueen) said...

I second what Erin says! I need some thickness too!!! :) Yeah for your VERY productive weekend!!!

Toni Buttner said...

Audrey, you are so beautiful! I miss you! Your family is wonderful too! Big hug! Toni