Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's Amazing What a Little Paint and Carpet Can Do!!!

I have a feeling that my chances of getting a lot of visitors down here are... well... let's just say I probably have a better chance of a Target, Home Depot, or Old Navy coming here during our stay.


I'm posting pictures of our house and it's progress so you can see our humble abode, without making the adventure to Altus. (although, we would LOVE more visitors...ANYTIME!!!)

I've been wanting to post before and after pictures of our house on here for awhile now. I wanted to wait until our house was completely unpacked, arranged, and cleaned to do so. I'm now realizing that it may never ever ever get there. Oh well. So here is Pictures Phase One-The entryway, The dining room, and the living room, and family room. Here are the BEFORE pictures:

Former dining room

Old Family Room

As you can see, the prior owner of our home liked blue. I mean LIKED. Every room sported the color in multiple carpet, blue curtains, blue bathroom countertops, blue walls, blue shelf lining, you. name. it.

Here are the AFTER pictures:

This is our family room, although it looks like you have to climb over the couch to get to that bathroom in the back, in actuality there is a path behind the couches.

I really am amazed at what a difference new paint and carpet can do to a place. And maybe changing out a '70's light fixture or twelve. But alas here we are in our new home with freshly painted walls, clean new carpet, new hardwood floor, and a touch of Tolle all through out. Enjoy the pictures. And if it inspires you to take a trip out to B.F.E. (Is it Christian to use the term B.F.E.?? Probably not, but I can't bring myself to delete it...) then you are more than welcome to come stay at the Tolle Manor.


Annie (laughterqueen) said...

I LOVE what you've done to the place! And getting rid of all the blue was a GREAT decision!!!! :) So glad you are settling into your new place. Say hello to Oklahoma for me!!!!

Erin said...

You guys did great! I can't believe you got that all done amidst tornados, babies, & the closing of Starbucks ;)
If we're ever in the area we'll be staying at Tolle Manor :)

Sarah Marie said...

lovely! I like the green paint. You've been hard at work!