Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our family just got home from a nice holiday getaway. We went to Kansas for the Fourth of July weekend and just had a relaxing and exhausting time.

Independence Day is Nate's favorite holiday. He has missed two out of the last three years due to deployments, so it was nice to spend the Fourth of July together this year. We chose to celebrate in Hutchinson, because for a small town, they sure do throw a good celebration.

This is a picture of our family on Friday morning. Notice Nate and I have matching shirts, which he would never have agreed to.....I LOVE being in charge of the packing!! HA! And also, he HATES having his picture taken, so this was my lucky day. Matching shirts and a picture to prove it. And the fact that he smiled in the picture is icing on the cake! I LOVE HIM!!

Corban waits patiently for the "fywolks" to go off. This kid is scared of NOTHING, which terrifies his mother. He kept running off into the crowd and wouldn't even look back. The loud bangs from the fireworks didn't even phase him. He forces me to stay on my toes.

Our friend, India, sent us this tent during our long stay in hotel rooms, but we use it all the time now...Corban is a big fan. (Thanks India!!)


My husband put on a late night firework show for us. At the end of the night we were absolutely exhausted. Long day...parade, swimming, barbeque, fireworks, more fireworks, no naps, cranky children. We slept like rocks that night.
What a great celebration of the freedom our country has! Let us not take it for granted! Please remember to keep our troops in prayer as the defend our great country.

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