Friday, July 25, 2008

Aunt Ju Ju, A new Choo Choo, and a new Hair Do.

Nate's sister Julie and her husband Kevin made the move from Breckenridge, CO to Memphis, TN this week and decided to take the detour to come visit us for a couple of days on the way. We were SO HAPPY to see them, as we have been aching for family since we've been away. It was so nice to have visitors too! Being that they lived in Breckenridge where there is a population of 3,000 people who live there year round, the population of 18,000 in Altus, seemed big to them. In fact, they kept trying to convince us that it's really not that small of a town, though I'm not buying it. However, I do admit, it did seem bigger on the ten minute tour as we were pointing out all the things that we DO have...
This is Corban with Aunt "Ju Ju". We told him his aunt Ju Ju was coming to our house for a visit and he confused it with a "Choo Choo train" and was so excited running around saying "Choo Choo!!!" He would have been really disappointed, except for the fact that she brought him a choo choo train, hat, and whistle. He now loves his Aunt Ju Ju and his Choo Choo.
Uncle Kevin is always looking out for the little guy and spent a lot of time with Caleb. He's gonna be a great dad someday.
One of the afternoons during their visit, we decided to give Corban his first hair cut. Nate didn't want me to do it because he thinks it's silly that "a woman becomes a mom and all of the sudden she thinks she has the ability to cut boy's hair". The nerve I tell you. Just kidding. I was very glad not to be the one to have to answer to this home job.
It's amazing how much older our buddy looks without his red thick curls. It makes me want to cry. He acts older too. At least we don't have people saying "Oh, what pretty red curls she has" anymore, though how people can confuse a airplane wearing, choo choo train toting, race car sounding boy for a girl is beyond me.

Oh, and here is baby Caleb, chillin' in his favorite outfit, his birthday suit...relaxing after a hard day of crying, eating, pooping, crying, whining, sleeping, crying, and did I mention crying?


Anonymous said...

Hey Audrey,
I love reading your blog and getting updated on your life! Thanks!
Love, Jen

Julia said...

I LOVE your blog. I've never read one before...but i'm digging it. What a great way to stay updated. Thanks for the "juju" shout out. It was soo fun to hang with you and squeeze your babies. hmm...that sounds like i'm trying to be creepy...
but anyway, LOVE LOVE you and miss you. Give all your men hugs and kisses from Aunt JuJu!