Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's a Tragedy...Really

When Nate and I found out that we were assigned to Altus, we spent many hours pulling out our hair, feeling sorry for ourselves and asking "why us?" (only slightly exagerating). However, we were delighted to find out that Altus had gotten a STARBUCKS since we had last been here. We were excited. Altus was moving up in civilization, or so it seemed.

Well...we just found out that after less than a year in business, the Altus Starbucks will be closing...(tear...). I told you it was a tragedy!

Not that we frequent the place. We are not big proponents of spending $4.00 for a cup of joe, no matter how perfect it may be. But it was nice to have the OPTION of going there and treating ourselves to a Java Chip Frappacino every once in awhile (and feeling like we are high society).

Oh Dear Starbucks... YOU WILL BE MISSED!!!


bandanachick said...

Oh, I am SO sorry! I was impressed when I saw that they had one last week.
It was great to see you last week!
Ruth D

Erin said...

I feel for you Audrey. I remember when Starbucks came to Wichita Falls and it was a huge deal. Then when we were leaving I realized I'd only been there once. The cheapness in me I guess ;)
But there is something about knowing you COULD go there if you wanted to...

Sarah Marie said...


I'm so sorry for your loss ;) (Starbucks, that is.)I would be shedding a tear, too!

Love the new haircut - so cute!

Let me just tell you that my kitchen looks about like the boys' before pic, and I don't even have kiddos! So thanks for the inspiration!

Miss you around here, friend.

In His grip,


Sarah Marie said...

P.S. can we see pictures of Corban's new do?

And we are looking at buying a house pretty soon, so if you have any first-time buyer's wisdom you want to pass along, I'd be obliged!

Heather Kate said...

You could always try out Fredbucks! ;) Altus thought they hit the big time when Fred's Famous Fish and Steak opened up a "Starbucks" coffee drive thru. It's...uh...pretty good...if you can get past the tuna aroma when you pick it up. And watch out for the papier mache swordfish.

Hi! My name is Heather and we should meet. I'm the only "local" on the playgroup list. :)