Thursday, May 21, 2009

Adjusting to Three under Three...

Well, Canaan is two and a half weeks now. Nate went back to work last Thursday and Nate's mom ("Abuela" as she is affectionately called by my boys) left last Saturday. And as life would have it, Corban's Mother's Day Out program ended last week as well for the summer. So, I've been on my own during the dayshift all of this week with the children (read: monsters).

Abuela and the boys

Three under three is a breeze. I don't know what people were worried about... HA! Just kidding!! Three has been an adjustment for sure. Nate and I had to go to Dallas over the weekend to get Canaan circumcized by a Rabbi (no offense to my medical friends...we just prefer the 10 second procedure over the 30 minute one...) and that was the first time we ventured out with all three of them by ourselves. We took up two carts at Toys R Us. TWO CARTS! Let me just remind you I can't push two carts by myself, so the chances of me leaving the house with all three of them by myself will be minimal for awhile.

The boys are all adjusting well for the most part. Canaan is settling in for the long haul in the Tolle house. All of our boys have had colic to a degree, and he carries on that tradition. Caleb and Corban love kissing him and Caleb does get jealous of him and we are trying to teach him to be gentle.
I am healing up slowly but surely. I'm sooooo tired all the time and am getting tired of feeling homebound, but all in all things are going well. Thankfully, the weather has been beautiful and we have spent a lot of time in the backyard. And we are not living in complete filth yet, which is always a bonus. :)

Corban has such an imagination and pretends to be a different cartoon character every day. Mostly he says that he is "Boots", Caleb is "Dora", Daddy is "Diego", Canaan is "Benny the Bull" and guess who Mommy gets to be?...the "Grumpy old Troll." Nice. Nate told him that he and Caleb are "two peas in a pod" and Corban said, "Yeah, we are two pees in the potty."

I love my boys!! Well, that's the update for now...I need to get some rest.


Erin said...

Love all of the pictures!
And now I'm singing "I'm the grumpy 'ol troll, who lives under the bridge..."
Does it ever bother you that his riddles aren't really riddles?

Annie Pennington said...

Kate calls me a grumpy old troll whenever I suggest something she's not too cool with, so I feel ya my friend! :)
Congrats on your three perfect little men! Wishing you speedy healing and hope the colic ends VERY soon!