Sunday, June 7, 2009


One month old!!

I'm going to stop apologizing for not blogging often, because it will probably be hit and miss for awhile. Life is so busy in the throws of motherhood. When there is actually a 15 minute slot where everyone is content and happy, call me crazy, but little things like showering and eating and Facebook draw my attention much more than blogging, though I do miss writing and reading other people's blogs.

Canaan turned one month old this week. I think we are all pretty well adjusting to the new kid on the block. I even get out of the house with all three of them several times a week. However, this is not an easy feat...I love and adore my children but everywhere I go, I'm usually struggling to juggle keeping all of them within arm's reach. People give me looks of pity and usually say something like, "Wow, honey, you sure got your hands full!" (Duh!), "Wow, I'm gonna pray for you, cuz you are sure gonna need it!" (Thank you very much, I'll take all the prayer I can get!) and "Wow, your kids are really close in age." I don't mind the looks, the well meaning comments, and all the stories complete strangers love to tell about how many kids they had and how they managed to live through it.

I do mind the fact that people would pity me though. It makes me soooo sad that in general people view children as burdens instead of blessings. I hate that I would look frazzled and unorganized enough for people to feel sorry for me. It kind of makes me not want to go out in public, not because it's hard with three under three, but because I don't want to give the world a negative view of having more than 2.3 children, let alone having them in two and a half years.

But I digress...

All in all we are making it, and for the most part, just loving life. We've been in Altus for a year this past week and there was something about the one year mark that made this place feel more like "home".

Here are some pics of life the past couple of weeks... Enjoy!!

Canaan Tripp, four weeks old

Our squadron picnic
How could you say "no" to this puppy dog face?

Why, yes, those are buffalo in the background!

After literally 30 picture takes, this is the best one we got. :/

Corban prayed for outdoor toys and boy did God answer his little prayers. We literally went from having no outdoor toys to looking like we run a daycare in less than three weeks...I love garage sales and hand me downs. :)

And a rainbow after the storm always reminds us that God keeps His covenant with us. And their pretty!


Amy said...

My goodness, he's grown just since I've been gone! What a familiar looking little cutie-pie :) Also, I see your trip to WF was fruitful! Can't wait to see you & catch up.

Jen of ReannaLily Designs said...

Your boys have rockstar hair! Love it. And holy smokes, your backyard is the new coolest yard on the block! I think you're doing great.

Rena said...

Love all the pictures! Your captions also crack me up :o)