Friday, November 28, 2008

For those who can help...

My heart has been touched by this little girl, Lily, who is fighting a rare form of cancer. Her family is good friends with our good friends, and if A=B, and B=C, than A=C, and that makes this family our friends too (by my elementary calculations).

The family blog can be read here. The family has three other children and must keep the house clean and all germs at bay to keep Lily healthy as she goes through chemo. I can't imagine needing to do this and take care of a sick child, and three others without help.

There is another blog set up to take donations to help out this family with the extra costs endured during this trial. If you are as touched by this family as I was, and can make a donation to help them during this time, please do. Go here for more information.

And please pray for the Mallory family, they need all the prayers they can get.

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