Friday, June 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Finally, after

*72 days in transition

*51 meals eaten out

*19 different hotel rooms

*1 really damaging storm and

*countless memories made, prayers uttered, and lessons learned,


Humble as it may be right now (we still have a lot of damage to take care of) we are in a place we can call "ours". And we are thankful for it.

Picture of our house pre-storm.


Erin said...

So glad you guys are home! I can't believe how long it's been for you since you've been in a real home :(
The house looks beautiful and I'm sure will look like that again soon. What a yard-- I don't envy having to mow that!
Post some pictures of those boys when you get settled!

Annie (laughterqueen) said...

So glad you are finally moved in! Sorry you went through so much!! Welcome home!

Toni said...

I miss you so much Audrey! Thanks for making a blog so I can be updated! (You make me want to start my own) :-)

Student Doctor said...

Audrey!! Look at you, ya blogging fool! I can't wait to come over here and back track soon. I am (semi-secretly, although really just from work) at, but it's full of annoying existential ramblings, so I would bother! Your house is a beautiful mansion. :)

Student Doctor said...

oops, didn't realize my husband is logged in. This is Candi, and I am not a student doctor.